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Registration software for Yamaha PSR-S975, PSR-S970, PSR-S950, PSR-S775, PSR-S770, PSR-S750, PSR-S910

Drawbar Organ Showcase

Drawbar Organ Showcase PSR.png

An encyclopaedic collection of great drawbar registrations!


Drawbar organ sounds are amongst the most straight forward to use but also the hardest to get right. There is an almost infinite number of combinations possible with the standard 9 drawbar footages. Finding the right sound can often be a case of trial and error.


With Drawbar Organ Showcase the hard work has been done for you with a massive collection of 80 fabulous drawbar registrations ready to play. They are all closely balanced with the built-in styles to cover a wide range of different musical styles.


With 'Drawbar Organ Showcase' you will find yourself getting wrapped up in a world of great organ sounds.


'Drawbar Organ Showcase' is part of 'Registration Collection Vol.2'. See the special bundle deal opposite.

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Special Bundle Offer 

Buy 'Registration Collection Vol.2' and receive all five registration sets together and save up to £49.95. 

Download Only Version

Boxed Version

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