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Instant Big Band arrangements. A different way to enjoy the fabulous Big Band Styles in your PSR keyboard.

Big Band Showcase (PSR-Magic) - Download Only

  • Big Band Showcase is more than just a collection of registrations – it is a way to create Big Band style arrangements live using the 8 registration buttons to switch quickly between the different instrument sections in a Big Band. The same format is maintained for all the registration banks so you can get exactly what you want every time. Registration 1 and 2 are always the sax section; registration 3 and 4 always brass. Registration 5 and 6 are some choice solo instruments and registration 7 is a piano solo. Registration 8 is reserved for the big ‘Tutti’, full band sound when you really want to get things swinging. Each of the Big Band styles on the PSR has received the same treatment but of course every registration is designed to perfectly suit the style so you won’t find two identical registrations in the whole set. Simply pick what kind of Big Band you want to be and just play.

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